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Waitress Options...

Nude, Topless, Lingerie & Bikini Waitressing

Fantastic addition to any predominantly male gathering! Excellent for Buck's nights!

Your sensational girls will serve your food and drinks all evening, but let's face it - they are really there to look great and spice up the party setting... and they are great at that lol! Your mates will love you for it!

NB: For Topless or Lingerie Waitressing there is a 2 waitress and 3 hour minimum for any booking.

Also, to get the best out of your waitresses we recommend at least one waitress per 15 guests. That way, everyone gets attention!

Texas Holdem Poker Dealers and Waitresses

How to beat your friends at poker?? Have one of our hot Bucksbunnies to deal them their cards... the boys won't be able to concentrate and you can clean up lol!!

With a stunning Topless or Lingerie card dealer at your game, it will be far more memorable and give you something to calm the nerves when the chips are down!

There is a 3 hour minimum booking for these hot card dealers.

Strip Show Options...

Strip Show to G-String

A perfect choice for 18th and 21st Birthday parties, and any occassions where family might be present! Sexy and cheeky, while remaining tasteful!

Your sensational stripper will gradually remove her clothes sexily and seductively until she has nothing left on but her g-string!

Show Duration: approx 15 mins

Full Strip Show

If you'd like it a little more spicy, but not too naughty, then the Full Strip is a real crowd pleaser for both male, female or mixed crowds!

Definitely a raunchier strip show that includes some open leg action in the routine!

Show Duration: approx 15-20 mins

Super Sexy Soapy Bath Show

For something to really make the boys mouths water, this show starts off with a full nude strip and finishes with a real Buck's Night pleaser - the super sexy Soapy Bath show! Very raunchy and a real favourite!

Bath time with rubber ducky just won't feel the same again without one of our BucksBunnies to keep the water warm!

Show Duration: approx 20 mins

XXX Rated Strip Shows

These shows push the boundaries just that little bit further! Hang on to your hats! These shows are probably best left for Buck's Parties only!

Our XXX shows are not designed to leave ANYTHING to the imagination! Your favourite of all the Bucksbunnies will perform a full nude erotic strip all the while showing you how much she loves her favourite toys!

There are several XXX shows to choose from...

XXX Single Girl Strip Show

Your favourite of all the Bucksbunnies will perform a full nude strip all the while showing you how much she loves her favourite toys!

Show Duration: approx 25 mins

XXX Girl on Girl Lesbian Strip Show

Double the fun with two of your favourite Bucksbunnies performing a full nude erotic strip all the while showing you how much they love their favourite toys AND each other!

Show Duration: approx 25 mins

XXX 2 x Single XXX Shows PLUS XXX Girl on Girl Strip Show

If you really want to blow the boys away with the hottest action and the best value for money, then this is the show for you. First of all you will have your two favourite Bucksbunnies individually perform their own full nude erotic strip!

Then, just when you think it's simply not possible to get any sexier, your two hot Bucksbunnies perform a super raunchy XXX-Rated Girl on Girl Lesbian Show! Woohooo!! That's 3 Full Shows!!

Show Duration: approx 50-60 mins

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