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The Top 10 Drinking Games for Bucks Parties!

The Top 10 Drinking Games for Bucks Parties!

Kick the party off with some fab drinking games!

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Drinking Games for Bucks Parties are not very sophisticated and fortunately do not require much brain power which pretty much describes most Bucks Party participants at varying points during the evening - therefore Bucks and drinking games are a perfect match!
If you are looking for more civilised entertainment we suggest you don’t turn up, because whether you are upper class, middle class, working class or just a pain in the arse, a bachelor party will, and should, descend into utter drunken chaos with a few Female Strippers thrown in for good measure! Think Vikings, VB and Vag and you’ll be on the right track.

So, here are some ridiculously obvious and easy to play drinking games designed to get even your most carrot-up-the-backside of stuck up friends to be pissing up lampposts, doing shots off strippers tits and eating vindaloo all by 3am. Don’t overthink it, it’s a Bucks Night.

The following Top 10 Bucks Party Drinking Games will ensure everyone wakes up with a headache in equal measure...

  • 2 Dice...

    Equipment: funnily enough you’ll need 2 dice BUT don’t worry about carrying dice - there are heaps of free dice apps that you can download from the App Store to your phone in seconds. Or you can actually carry real dice if you want!

    Plus you will need plenty of Schooners of beer and shots!

    This game should probably be played early on in the proceedings because you do need to be able to add two numbers together lol

    Alright, so let’s roll! Get the lads together and take it in turns to roll the dice...

    If your roll total adds up to 6 (like a 5 and a 1 for example) you must sip two fingers from your pint/schooner.

    If your roll is a double 1, 2, 4, or 5 you must sip two fingers from your pint/schooner.

    If your roll is a Double 3 you will need to sip two fingers AND have a shot.

    If your roll is a Double 6 you will need to have 2 shots!

    If you are using real dice and a die rolls off the table you must do a shot.

    Is there an aim to this game?
    Yes. Aim - to get shitfaced.

  • The Queen is Drowning! Save the Queen!

    Equipment: A coin and (surprise) plenty more beer

    You can have this game going all night or for a set period of time.

    The aim of this game (other than getting shitfaced of course) is for the holder of the coin to try and slip said coin into one of the other lads drinks(the victim) without getting caught trying.
    If the holder of the coin manages to get his coin into the victim’s drink before the victim can stop him, the victim must down their entire drink to retrieve the coin and ‘Save the Queen’. The victim now becomes the holder of the coin and is then free to find his own victim.

    However, when the coin holder tries, if the victim manages to cover their drink or move it fast enough that the coin holder fails to get the coin in, then the coin holder must down the victim’s drink, to Save the Queen, and buy the victim a new drink! In this case the coin holder will remain the coin holder until he nails a victim successfully.

    It pays to keep your hand over your drink - sounds easy but as time wears on you will forget!

    Singing God Save the Queen is highly recommended!

  • Coin Toss...

    Another really technical game...not!

    Equipment necessary: A coin and even more beer

    At some point or another during the evening you will probably be sitting around a table with your drinks in front of you which will provide you with the perfect opportunity for this game of ultimate skill.

    Take turns in trying to lob your coin into the person’s glass furthest across the table from you - if you get it in their glass they must down their drink.

    However if you get it straight in their drink without the coin touching the glass, everyone must down their drinks.

    If you are trying to remain coherent it pays to have a tall glass lol (and no, you can’t have a bottle!).

    The Aim of this game is - to get shitfaced.

    Bonus Idea - if you are planning to book a Topless Waitress for your Bucks definitely make use of her during this game. How, you may ask? Have her hold the drink between her boobs making her chest the perfect backboard - think basketball but please don’t take her eye out! Naturally she can also be responsible for refills lol.

  • The 3 Man...

    Ok so this one needs slightly more brainpower so perhaps earlier in the evening for this one might be sensible.

    All the lads must take turns to throw 1 die. The first person to throw a 3 will be known as The 3 Man. Once The 3 Man is determined, everyone takes turns in a clockwise direction around the circle to throw both dice. The dice are only passed to the next player when someone rolls a dice combination that does not require anyone to take a drink. Some combinations of dice have specific meanings - here they are...

    If the 2 dice add up to 3(so a 2 and a 1 basically) whoever is the three man at the time must drink at least 2 fingers. However the 3 Man can be told he must drink AT ANY time during the game, just NOT by the person whose turn it is currently - if he tries, he must drink!

    If the 3 Man rolls a 2 and a 1 himself then he can nominate someone else to take up the honour of being the 3 Man.

    If the roller throws a 7, the player to his right drinks at least 2 fingers.

    If the roller throws a 9, the player directly across from him must do a shot.

    If the roller throws a 10 everyone playing the game must drink at least 2 fingers.

    If the roller throws a 11, the player to his left drinks at least 2 fingers.

    If the roller throws any double he may delegate anyone in the circle to receive the dice BUT before proceeding with their turn the receiver of the dice must first roll the dice and continuously drink for the number of seconds indicated on the dice (for example - if he throws a 10 he must drink for a solid ten seconds)

    The Game ends when someone tries to find all 4 dice. Think about it.

  • Filthy Mix...

    Equipment needed: A Coin and a pint/schooner glass

    This is a great game particularly if you and all your mates tend to drink different things. If you are all beer drinkers, especially if you all drink the same beer this is definitely not as much fun. Hopefully you can introduce this game when some are on beer, some are on spirits some on wine etc - then it gets really interesting!

    If you will be booking Topless Waitresses give one the ‘special’ glass and another the coin.

    Ask your Topless Waitresses to go around to each member of the Bucks Night and have them pour a bit of their drink, whatever it is, into the ‘special’ glass until it is full.
    Then the Topless Barmaid with the coin will then toss the coin in turn for each player and each player in turn must say whether they think the toss will be heads or tails. All the guys that guess their toss correctly are safe for this round!

    However for the ones that guess incorrectly they will be hoping that they aren’t the only one!

    All the guys that guess wrong have to share the 'concoction' equally and finish the whole thing. If you are the only one that guesses incorrectly then only heaven can help you!

    This is not a game for the faint of heart!!!!

  • Russian Roulette...

    Equipment necessary - lots of vodka, water and shot glasses

    Count up the number of lads and make sure you have 5 shot glasses per man. If you have a Sexy Lingerie Barmaid, make use of her by asking her to fill half of the shot glasses with vodka and the other half with water and then mix all the glasses around so that it’s impossible to tell which glasses contain vodka and which contain water. (if you don’t have a lingerie barmaid then you are an idiot - it's a Bucks Night afterall, - they should be mandatory! Plus you will have to do it yourself or get the normal barman to do it).

    Then have each of the lads select 5 shots randomly from the table. They are not allowed to smell the shots when choosing obviously!!

    Once everyone has selected their five glasses they must now down them all at once!

    If you are unfortunate enough to have selected five actual vodka shots, we do pity you, but we're not sorry because it was you, after all, that chose to play the game – we just gave you the idea!

    If you don’t like vodka, silver Tequila also works well and is then known as The Mexican Roulette Drinking Game!

  • Medusa’s Curse...

    Equipment necessary - a table full of shots!

    Have all the lads sit around the table whether it be in a house or in a bar and make sure there are plenty of shots covering the table.

    Everyone must now look down into their laps.

    You, as the gamesmaster must count to 3 out loud and on 3 everyone must quickly look up and stare directly at someone else. If when a player looks up they are looking at someone who is not looking back at them, then they are safe. However if a player looks up and they find themselves looking straight into the eyes of another player they must both shout 'Medusa's Curse' and take a shot each!

    This is a particularly noisy game and it is only complete when all the shots have been drunk!

  • The Question Master...

    Equipment necessary - half a brain (this could rule a few people out)

    Nominate one of the lads to be the question master.

    The question master can ask any of the lads or all the lads collectively a question at any time during the evening.

    Anyone that answers a question from the question master must chug their drink.

    BUT, if you have your wits about you and answer the question master’s question with another question you then become the question master!

    This is one of those games that sounds extremely easy but is actually far more difficult than it sounds and you will get caught out by the question master - watch out for sneaky questions like 'what time is it?' etc!

  • Synchronise Watches (or phones these days!)...

    Equipment necessary – a way for everyone to tell the time such as a watch or a phone

    From 1 second past up to 30 minutes past the hour everyone must be drinking with their left-hand.

    From 30 minutes and one second past the hour to dead on the hour everyone must be drinking with their right hand.

    If you are caught drinking while your glass is in the wrong hand you must completely down your drink.

    In order to to catch someone you must clink your glass against theirs while their glass is in the wrong hand.

    If you go to catch someone out but are wrong and in fact they are correct - you must completely down your drink

  • Mr President...

    Equipment necessary – a bunch of stupid blokes (usually relatively easy to find)

    Always be keeping an eye on the best man because at any point if he raises his hand to his ear as if he's just received an urgent message through his earpiece everyone must shout get down Mr President and proceed to jump on to the Buck to save him from the impending assassins bullets.

    The last one to respond to his call of duty and jump on has to down his drink.

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