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Why are Topless Waitresses a must have for your next Bucks Party?
We will give you some awesome reasons below!

Why are Topless Waitresses a must have for your next Bucks Party?

We will give you some awesome reasons below!

Enlisting a Hot Topless, Nude or Lingerie Waitress or two will make the night sooo much better!

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hot busty topless waitress wearing a sexy outfit

It’s been pretty busy here at Bucks Bunnies HQ – however we did find time to sit down over a bottle of Scotch with the Bucks Party Experts at My Ultimate Bucks to find out exactly why so many bucks groups request topless waitresses for their celebrations!

“Simply put, the Bucks Bunnies girls are so much more than a Topless Waitress. They’re real jacks of all trades, taking your bucks night celebration from just another night with the boys, to something seriously unforgettable, so we’ve put together eight of our My Ultimate Bucks clients most popular requests to show you why”.

  • Poker Dealer

    So many have walked past the VIP entry to the High Roller area in the Casino and wondered how the other side live, so few have actually entered. Well to that we say “why leave it to the imagination, when you can experience it for yourself?”. Topless Poker Dealers give our bucks groups a taste of that enviable high roller lifestyle. Equipped with not only a perfect set of tits, but also cards, chips & a personality to match! A sure fire way to challenge anyone’s best poker face, adding a topless poker dealer to a bucks celebration is definitely one of our most popular bucks requests.

  • Why Fetch Your Own Drinks?

    On a bucks night, if there’s one thing we know for sure, it’s that copious amounts of beers are going to be drunk, but ask any bloke what he would prefer - to get up and fetch his own, or have someone put a cold one straight in his hand without having to leave his chair, and we think the answer is pretty obvious. Ensuring that the person serving them is a bonafide stunner and unable to contain her cleavage...well, that’s just the cherry on top!

  • Ice Breaker

    On a bucks night there’s always those few in the group who don’t know each other very well, and need a bit of warming up. This is where your topless waitress is the perfect ice breaker! Topless waitresses are best known for their looks, but until you spend some time with them, you’ll never truly appreciate how epic their personality is too. The Bucks Bunnies Girls are true professionals, knowing the exact amount of attention to give each lad, ensuring that the buck gets more than enough himself, she will laugh at jokes, wink back at your overly enthusiastic father in law, and remember your drinks order every time.

  • Two is Better than One!

    And three is better than two! My Ultimate Bucks have even designed a package with no less than seven sexy ladies to really give the boys a treat. The number of girls our Bucks choose have at their celebration is totally in their hands, and the sky’s the limit – if you’ve got the cash to match! One, Two, Seven. Your wish is our command.

  • Fulfil his Fantasy with a Theme

    Yep, you heard us right! Naughty nurse, sexy cop, busty army commander – you name it. But we don’t stop there. My Ultimate Bucks is invested in giving grooms the send off they deserve, so preferences are also no problem. If he’s more into brunettes, or tattoos we can make it happen!

  • Kidnap The Buck!

    An element of surprise is always a popular choice with our bucks, and a topless waitress really is the key ingredient to pulling off our My Ultimate Bucks ‘staged kidnapping’ theme. The guys hear a knock at the door, where their scantily clad stunner awaits them, but before long pandemonium breaks out! The buck is blindfolded & kidnapped by his seductress and piled into the back of a getaway vehicle, which just happens to be a Rockstar stretch hummer. Now imagine this scene without the topless babe... nope, it just wouldn't be the same would it?

  • One Pair Of Tits Forever!

    Amid the commotion of planning a wedding, every buck will face a few hard truths. One of these being that unless they’re a very lucky man, they will also be expected to look at the same pair of tits forever. It sounds like a crime when you say it out loud. That’s reason enough to give him the last hoorah that ticks all the boxes, and if you want to take out best man of the year award, trust us - raunch is not something to skimp on.

  • Dinner & A Show!

    If your buck wants an extra raunchy element to his send off, why stop at a lingerie or topless waitress when you could ramp things up and have your bombshell perform a naughty strip show as well. She can strip to a skimpy G-string, or all the way to nude, show you her favourite toys, or turn up the heat and add another babe into the mix with a double fantasy show.

  • Not Just For Bucks!

    At My Ultimate Hens, we often get requests for a stunning Bucks Bunnies gal to join in the fun – to mix it up, provide some sexy hens night eye candy and to make sure all of the girls have their champers glasses full at all times – win win!

  • We weren’t kidding when we said our Bucks Bunnies girls were jacks of all trades, and now you have eight forms of proof!

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